• Bitcoiner uses Portable Mini Rig for Starbucks’ BTC Mine

  • Idan Abada, the owner of an online company (“Bitcoin Merch“) that specialized in crypto mining equipment, recently released a TikTok video of himself mining Bitcoin on his laptop using “free” energy at a Starbucks coffee using a custom micro mining setup.

    In this TikTok video, we see Abada, who resides in Los Angeles, California, mining BTC using a custom mining rig connected to his laptop while drinking coffee.

    The tiny rig, which cost roughly $875 to build, “consists of a multi-port USB hub, a mounted mini fan, and ten USB-sticks, each holding two Bitmain-manufactured ASIC mining chips,” according to a story published on July 28.

    Abada informed us:

    “It’s one of the simplest miners to set up and run because all you need is a computer or a laptop,” Abada explained. “It’s powered by USB, and that’s about it. Anyone may become a miner and participate in the crypto world.“

    Abada claims that he started selling crypto mining equipment online in 2017 after noticing how difficult it was to find Bitcoin mining hardware. According to reports, this year’s sales revenue has already surpassed $428,000 dollars (up 355 percent from last year).

    Abada also stated that his business has sold thousands of units of the “GekkoScience NEWPAC USB Stickminer” (which has a hash rate of 90+GH/s and sells for $79.99), which is the main component of the tiny Bitcoin mining setup shown in his video.

    He went on to explain that “Missouri-based GekkoScience disassembled a large miner from China and re-purposed the pieces for the NewPac,” adding that “each of the mini-USB rigs contains two ASIC chips, so the $875 rig has 20 chips in total.”

    Abada admitted to us that “unless you are not paying for your electricity, it is very difficult to make a profit mining Bitcoin with this rig” and that such novelty mining rigs could be profitable for “kids in public places, college dorms, buildings that share electricity prices, employees stealing electricity from their company.” The biggest benefit for everyone else would be knowing more about Bitcoin mining.

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