• Blankos Block Party will be available for purchase on the Epic Games Store

  • Blankos Block Party, a Mac and PC game based on NFT, is currently available on Epic Games Store. Mythical Games, the game’s publisher, has lately released specialized play-to-earn gaming titles. It is now partnering with the NFT on a new NFT-based game.

    Blankos Block Party Game’s Popularity

    Blankos Block Party has already amassed over one million users in a short period of time. And users are more excited than ever before the release on Epic Games Store. The game’s publisher suggests that Blankos Block Party is on the right track and will be able to attract more attention from both existing and new players.

    What Can You Expect Following the Launch?

    Blankos Block Party intends to attract more participants as an NFT creation game. More players might be expected once the successful launch of the Blankos Block Party on Epic Game Stores is completed.

    This announcement was made by the game’s publisher at NFT NYC. Mythical Games, on the other hand, has not yet finalized the game’s release date on Epic Games Stores. In related news, Gala Games promises that the wild West-themed shooter “GRIT” will be the first big NFT-based game released on the Epic Game Store before the end of 2022.

    Epic Games Store’s Crucial Role

    The Epic Game Store appears to be the most dependable platform for Mac and PC games. Epic Games Store had over 194 million users on its platform as of 2021. It is critical to recognize that Epic Games is the publisher of huge hits such as Fortnite. It is also the creator of the well-known and well-recognized Unreal Engine. Epic Games is still leaning toward blockchain-based games that can compete with a large marketplace like Steam.

    As a result of Consistent Efforts

    Mythical Games CEO John Linden emphasizes that there has been ongoing dialogue with Epic Games, and that it is now time to bring NFT-powered games into the fold. According to the CEO of Mythical Games, this action is the direct result of ongoing discussions with Epic Stores about NFT-powered gaming.

    Epic Games no longer shares the old-school skepticism about NFT-based gaming. Furthermore, Axie Infinity’s success in the NFT gaming industry has paved the road for further chances. At the moment, it appears that the publisher of Blankos Block Party intends to focus on creating the most secure and user-friendly NFT game on the Epic Games Store.

    Blankos Block Party Gameplay

    In terms of gameplay, the company emphasizes its desire to move away from a token-based reward system and provide a more enjoyable and engaging user experience. Epic Games is likewise delighted to feature Blankos Block Party in its shop and hopes the NFT game provides a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

    It is critical to recognize that Mythical has successfully built a bridge between its platform and Ethereum in order to lead the charge in the NFT-powered gaming industry. Players can be confident that the version of the game accessible on the Epic Games Store will be similar to the current version.

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