• BlockchainSpace has joined forces with UniX Gaming

  • BlockchainSpace has announced a partnership with UniX gaming to expand the ever-expanding possibilities of BlockchainSpace. The platform is thrilled to be collaborating with the industry’s most prominent Play to Earn communities in order to broaden the reach of BSPC’s goal of empowering and earning guilds.

    BSPC’s assistance in establishing the necessary tools in this expanding guild will benefit UniX gaming. BlockchainSpace’s experience in guild administration, customer relationships, and insightful technologies will benefit UniX’s thriving gaming community.

    This collaboration will assist two companies in achieving their goal of improving the growing crypto-community.

    UniX Gaming is a leading and growing community dedicated to the growth of the nascent Play-to-Earn market. They are early adopters of several NFTs and crypto-games, with the goal of bringing millions of people on board with the ongoing gaming revolution. For ongoing community engagement and improvement, they have launched ongoing educational programs, prizes, and participation in E-tournaments.

    Concerning BlockchainSpace

    Because of BlockchainSpace, play-to-earn gaming guilds can scale in the Metaverse. BlockchainSpace develops technologies that empower gaming communities and organizes academies to identify game-related business opportunities. The goal is to empower the next generation of gamers who participate in play-to-earn and guild owners to become successful entrepreneurs by providing the necessary digital tools and funding.

    Back-to-Back Collaboration

    BlockchainSpace is on a merger and acquisition binge. It partnered with CoinGecko a few weeks ago. As the Metaverse introduces new economic opportunities for individuals worldwide, play-to-earn guilds will grow and expand; however, with such growth comes pain points. Without appropriate benchmarks for play-to-earn games data streams for the ecosystem, guilds risk degrading their performance. As the number of Blockchain-based play-to-earn games grows, this collaboration will provide critical data to players and guilds.

    The goal of utilizing the cutting-edge tool is to be the premier data and become the hub of finance in order to earn guilds and easily expand members. To accomplish this, BlockchainSpace will provide more detailed, real-time data that will automatically connect with the vast amounts of data guilds provide.

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