• ‘Blocker Bug’ Delays Highly Anticipated NFT Mint Y00ts

  • According to a Sunday Twitter thread from the project’s founding team, non-fungible token (NFT) startup Y00ts has postponed its much anticipated mint by an additional day.

    The crew attributed the delay to a “blocking bug.” Blocker bugs are issues that happen during the testing phase of the development of a project.

    “Due to the nature of this bug, we do not feel comfortable bringing the mint live right now,” the team added in the post, estimating a one-day delay.

    The Y00ts NFTs will be produced on the Solana blockchain via the Magic Eden marketplace, with whitelisted accounts required to purchase 375 of the project’s DUST token prior to minting. (DUST is the official token of the DeGods ecosystem, which is the NFT collective responsible for the project’s creation.)

    The buildup to the mint has been fraught with controversy. Many Twitter sleuths have attempted to link the project’s influencer enthusiasm to under-the-table promotion, however the majority of accusations have been proven false.

    In recent weeks, Y00ts has taken NFT land by storm, generating hype through a publicly announced whitelist that has included prominent NFT influencers and celebrity newcomers to crypto, such as soccer player Wayne Rooney, rapper Lil Baby, and former basketball star Allen Iverson, also known as “The Answer.”

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