• ‘Blockverse,’ a Minecraft-inspired NFT game, has a $1 million rug pull

  • ‘Blockverse,’ an unofficial Minecraft-inspired NFT game, has turned out to be one of the latest rug pull frauds in the crypto realm. While a result, the game’s hopeful community is currently at a standstill with its uncommitted developers, as both parties fight for control over the project’s assets at the negotiating table.

    At the time of its introduction, Blockverse raised more than $1 million through the sale of 10,000 NFTs for 0.05 ETH (about $127). Possession of one of these NFTs would grant the game’s limited player pool access to the game at its launch, effectively making them ‘digital pre-orders’ of the game. However, immediately following the successful sale was the rug pull, which resulted in all community users losing their homes.

    Following the project’s deletion of all digital traces, the game’s intrepid community was able to track down a Coinbase address associated with the Blockverse founders. The address was discovered to be a key contributor to the game’s establishment, as well as having Cloudflare IP, implying that enough evidence was gathered for law enforcement, or those with less civilized motives, to pay a visit to the founders’ identities.

    Three days after Blockverse’s demise, its founder took to Twitter to explain what happened. They claimed that the project was legitimate, and that its flight was nothing more than an attempt to protect their safety after they had been harassed, threatened, and doxxed as a result of several complaints about the gas fee prices for the NFT acquisition, the limited 10,000 player capacity, and the lack of utility in the $DIAMOND tokens, which only served as access licenses.

    The team also stated that there was no need for them to depart indefinitely, and that once a time of peace had been established, they planned to resume their digital channels.

    Regardless of such assertions, the community appears to have lost faith in the project’s creators, resulting in a collaborative attempt to take leadership of the project. Interestingly, the founders shown flexibility in talks by agreeing to hand over the necessary contracts and code while keeping the 500 ETH raised from the initial token sale.

    In response to the offer, community members have bargained for the founders to keep only 100 ETH, claiming that the remaining funds will be used to employ a new development team.

    The project’s direction remains ‘blocky,’ so follow the Blockverse Twitter account to stay up to current on the latest developments.

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