• BLONDIE NFTs To Be Airdropped By Hackatao

  • Hackatao is airdropping a BLONDIE-package to all Hack the Borders NFT series owners. The artist duo continues to go above and above for their community, this time with some in-person drops. This airdrop’s snapshot will be on May 30th, 2022.

    Everything about the airdrop

    This Hackatao airdrop will include various BLONDIE goods that are sure to please the Hackatao community. To begin, new qualities inspired by BLONDIE will be introduced. Holders will also receive a pop tee inspired by all of Debbie’s outfits during her career. Finally, holders will soon get access to a live BLONDIE concert in the metaverse. That’s not bad for an airdrop, is it?

    Queens + Kings NFT Project by Hackatao

    In 2021, the Queens + Kings collection aimed to push the boundaries of existing PFP projects by providing the maximum level of interactivity and complexity imaginable. As the team continues to develop the project, there are already 6.9k NFTs in the hands of collectors worldwide.

    This collection’s underlying technology enables Hackatao to alter and re-mint avatars, as well as attach NFT qualities to avatars. In the event of a scam, they can even burn and freeze avatars. Furthermore, the project has a late minting or batch minting capability to save gas costs. We can clearly see the time and work that has gone into the project’s development. We continue to receive trait airdrops as a result of this endeavor.

    Overall, we are still in the early stages of the Queens + Kings journey. Check out the project roadmap to find out what’s next. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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