• Bloot NFTs, an X-Rated Loot spinoff, has reached a volume of $27 million

  • When Dom Hofmann launched Loot, an NFT project with 8,000 randomly generated treasure sheets for a videogame he hadn’t yet created, Ethereum developers filled in the blanks with character sheets, artwork, and music.

    But the most popular offshoot project in the last 24 hours has nothing to do with Loot’s medieval lore’s noble romance. Its most prized possession is a virtual cock ring, not a magical robe or a well-honed sword.

    Bloot, or Based Loot, replaces the medieval treasure of Loot NFTs with memes plucked from cryptocurrency speculators on 4chan, Reddit, and Crypto Twitter.

    Bloot’s heroes don “‘ERC-20 Poor’ Maxi Skirt of Rugging” instead of Loot’s “Divine Robes of Anger.” Bloot offers “Moon Shoes of Death” instead of “Wool Shoes.” Bloot’s warriors fight with “Baguettes of Shit” rather than “Short Swords.”

    Bloot NFTs have changed hands for $5.3 million in the last day, and the floor price has risen to 1.44 ETH ($5,600). Bloot supporters have exchanged $143 million in Based Gold, or BGLD, a fork of AGLD, Loot’s cryptocurrency.

    According to Nansen data, this places Bloot as the fourth-most popular NFT project of the day.

    While Loot remains the most-traded NFT project, with volumes roughly double that of Bloot and an average price of 16 ETH more than ten times that of the average Bloot, none of Loot’s derivative projects are taking off as quickly as Bloot.

    Bloot’s meteoric rise, however, has come at a cost: its degenerate sense of humour has turned off key Loot investors. According to Pranksy, a prominent NFT collector, the community is “a very nasty community built up of 4chan forum posters” and represents “the worst side of nfts.”

    Will Papper, the creator of Loot’s ERC-20 token, AGLD, stated on Twitter that he has received death threats from the Bloot community and that only “scammers” would claim that BGLD is affiliated with AGLD.

    Beanie, the most popular Bloot investor, has advised the Bloot community to be gentler with Papper, but Bloot’s Discord chat is unquestionably more vicious and brash than Loot’s more thoughtful, optimistic space.

    Loot, on the other hand, has a clean reputation. It has been dubbed the most exciting thing to happen to Ethereum in a long time, and it has been snapped up by wealthy venture capitalists and wealthy NFT investors.

    Loot’s writers are hard at work crafting war stories for Loot holders to enjoy. However, it appears that their first real war will be unprompted and harsh, waged against those who sell Bloot’s “Ball Gag of Fomo” instead.

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