• Bob Dylan’s times are a-changin’ as he enters the NFT market

  • Contrary to popular belief, famed troubadour Bob Dylan is the newest name to enter the non-fungible token (NFT) market.

    Along with his son, Jesse, the Nobel winner has funded a project called Snowcrash. According to a press release, the NFT platform is a collaboration between Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group that will “bring together disparate parts of technology, the creative arts, and digital innovation.”.

    Later this year, Snowcrash aims to issue NFTs for Dylan and jazz superstar Miles Davis, with more artists to follow. Jesse Dylan, NFT pioneer Walter De Brouwer, and entertainment executive Jeff Rosen founded the company.

    It is assumed that the corporation is named after the Neal Stephenson novel of the same name. Snow Crash was released in 1992, and it contains the first mention of the term “metaverse” as a successor to the internet.

    Solana will power a new NFT platform.

    Snowcrash “empowers artists, cultural icons, content creators, influencers, celebrities, and businesses to leverage the untapped creative and economic potential of NFTs,” according to its website. The Solana (SOL) blockchain will power the platform.

    Dylan’s 600-song music catalog was sold to Universal Music Publishing for more than $300 million in December 2020, according to reports. All royalty and management rights were included in the deal.

    “With Snowcrash, we have found an ideal opportunity where the entertainment community, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street all join together to provide chances for artists and organizations impacting the world today,” stated Walter De Brouwer.

    On the occasion of UNICEF’s 75th anniversary, Snowcrash worked on NFTs.

    Snowcrash recently collaborated with UNICEF on NFTs commemorating the organization’s 75th anniversary. Patchwork Kingdoms is a partnership with Nadieh Bremer, a data scientist and artist who “paints” with data.

    The collection was created to help fund the Giga effort, which aims to connect every school in the globe to the internet.

    The collection of 1,000 NFTs creates a series of patchwork kingdoms using data provided by schools.

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