• Brazilian Investment Bank Launches Cryptocurrency Trading App

  • The cryptocurrency industry continues to grow as more financial players join to capitalize on its ever-emerging opportunities.

    Many central banks around the world have announced plans to launch digital coins known as CBDCs. Many financial institutions, particularly in the investment markets, are leading the way in assisting the industry.

    In recent news, a Brazilian investment bank launched a crypto-trading app that supports a wide range of altcoins. Customers of BTG Pactual can now use this app to make direct crypto investments. For the time being, users of its Mynt platform can purchase both Ether and Bitcoin. However, the bank intends to support more crypto assets in the future.

    According to the bank’s head of virtual assets, Andre Porthilo, more cryptos will be available for trading on the platform very soon.

    The CEO, on the other hand, stated that they only fulfilled the desires of their customers. According to Robert Sallout, many of their clients are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. As a result, the bank had no choice but to grant them access.

    There are plans to hold cryptocurrency training sessions.

    The cryptocurrency industry is growing in popularity, with El Salvador adopting BTC as legal tender. However, many people still don’t understand how the industry works. As a result, BTC Pactual intends to provide cryptocurrency education training, particularly for its users.

    According to the CEO, the bank must educate its customers about the technology and the cryptocurrency assets that are available in the financial markets.

    The Mynt app has propelled the investment bank to the forefront of the Brazilian market. No other investment bank has gone as far as BTC Pactual in allowing their customers to invest directly in cryptocurrency.

    Furthermore, Porthilo stated that the bank is subject to the strict regulations of the Brazilian central bank and its SEC. As a result of the top bodies regulating it, users will have no trouble using the app.

    BTC Pactual’s So Far Journey

    Prior to launching Mynt, the investment bank had previously launched ReitBZ, a security token backed by real estate. The bank spent time analyzing digital assets prior to the launch two years ago.

    In addition to the Mynt launch this year, BTC Pactual previously launched a Bitcoin 20 Multi-Market investment fund. This move elevated the bank to the top of the list of Brazilian investment banks that have launched a cryptocurrency fund.

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