• Budweiser and VaynerNFT Collaboration to Highlight Emerging Music Artists

  • Budweiser will collaborate with VAYNERNFT to launch a new NFT collection featuring rising artists. The world’s most famous lager firm will collaborate with 22 of the world’s most promising up-and-coming artists to release NFTs.

    Budweiser will collaborate with VAYNERNFT to launch NFTs.

    To get one of these Budweiser royalty tokens, you must be over the age of 21 and spend a whopping $499. The tokens will be issued in varying degrees of rarity and will reveal an NFT related to one of the 22 artists. There will be 11,000 NFTs available in total, with each artist receiving 500 tokens.

    Overall, Budweiser is highlighting international artists that are just coming into the art industry. AB Bev’s Vice President of Global Brands, Richard Oppy, had this to say about the Budweiser VaynerNFT partnership:

    “At Budweiser, we’re on a mission to provide up-and-coming musicians a global stage that they might not otherwise have access to.” This brilliant group of artists is creating something unique and intriguing within their own genres and marketplaces, and we’re thrilled to highlight them and provide fans with a more comprehensive digital experience with our latest NFT collection.”

    As a result, the collaboration wants to employ NFTs to assist musicians in reaching new audiences. Thus, the activities of the firms demonstrate how the digital character of NFTs can assist artists in reaching new audiences. More collaborations like this one are likely in the future.

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