• By the middle of the year, Zynga will have released its first NFT games

  • More jobs will be created as a result of Zynga’s NFT Gaming initiatives, such as creative director. The company intends to increase the size of its blockchain gaming team from 15 to 100 workers.

    Zynga Inc (NASDAQ: ZNGA), a game producer, has announced plans to invest in blockchain gaming and create its first non-fungible token (NFT) games. To make its NFT games idea a reality, the corporation will buy some blockchain companies and collaborate with others. With its cooperation with blockchain infrastructure business Zynga, Zynga began its blockchain gaming push last year. By the end of the second quarter, Zynga aims to release its first NFT games.

    In addition, the product will provide more collaboration and acquisition options while maintaining Zynga’s status as a frequent acquirer of game firms. Appointing new CEOs is one of the moves Zynga has taken in relation to its blockchain game. Matt Wolf, who joined the company as vice president of blockchain gaming in November, is an example. Zynga is “completely suited up to undertake acquisitions on the Web 3 game publisher side,” he added in an interview. Notably, the corporation has a history of acquisition-based expansion.

    Farmville, a famous Facebook game that Zynga started in 2009, surpassed 10 million active users in just six months. Zynga appears to be ready to enter into blockchain gaming after thirteen years of active engagement in the gaming market. The change, according to Wolf, provides “future proofing” for the gaming company. Zynga NFT games will be inspired by current intellectual property, but they will not be based on existing games.

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    In addition, Zynga’s NFT Gaming initiatives will produce more job opportunities, such as creative director. The company intends to increase the size of its blockchain gaming team from 15 to 100 workers.

    Wolf went on to say, “In addition,

    “We recognize that in order to be fast and accountable to our company and customers, we must surround ourselves with capability, which we can swiftly acquire through alliances and partnerships.” We need to be extremely cautious and actively listen in order to fully comprehend who the cohort is that is currently consuming blockchain games and accumulating NFTs.”

    The company’s primary goal is to create a community of team members and actively involved gamers.

    Despite the fact that NFT games ostensibly allow users to earn money by playing, a larger proportion of gamers have misgivings. Because gamers have varied feelings about blockchain gaming, Zynga hasn’t announced any NFT games yet. In light of the protests against Ubisoft, the business promised that its NFT games would use blockchain technology with low environmental harm tendencies. Zynga’s first blockchain games will appeal to fans of the genre who aren’t looking for long-lasting footage.

    Wolf also intends to bring together executives of gaming companies to form a blockchain gaming council to solve difficulties with non-traditional games.

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