• Bybit launches a copy trading solution on the spot exchange

  • According to a press release, Bybit, one of the world’s most dynamically evolving cryptocurrency exchanges, has debuted its copy trading product on its spot market, creating a “win-win” situation for its consumers.

    A sure-fire technique to make money

    With this new tool, traders will be able to mimic the winning actions of leading investors, who are putting shrewd longs and shorts and profiting handsomely. Leaders will also benefit from a 10% share of any profits made by their followers.

    Users of the exchange can opt to follow a master trader. Within minutes, the algorithm will execute the same deal, allowing Bybit consumers to trade their own portfolio like professionals. The exchange closely monitors master traders’ performance and selects the most enticing professional for users to follow.

    Attempting to replicate the success of expert traders

    Anyone may replicate the success of professional traders who have demonstrated their ability to profit from volatility and increase capital regardless of market conditions through copy trading. The commission fees earned by master traders are also a source of passive income.

    Bybit’s co-founder and CEO, Ben Zhou, stated:

    Without a question, this is a fantastic opportunity for both new and seasoned traders. Throughout history, societies have improved through a cycle of information exchange and skill transmission, and copy trade is hastening this process. Not only do rookie traders have a better opportunity of gaining while also learning, but master traders are also compensated for their services. This new offering reflects our dedication to developing a secure and dependable one-stop crypto platform for crypto traders of all levels and expertise.

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