• CAA Signs Cool Cats, Adding to Its Ecosystem of Collectible NFTs

  • Cool Cats, the creators of the well-known Cool Cats and Cool Pets NFT collections, has signed with Creative Artists Firm (CAA), a leading entertainment and sports agency. The firm will find and create opportunities for Cool Cats characters in a variety of areas, including licensing and merchandising, animation content, brand collaborations, live events, publishing, and more, in conjunction with the gamified NFT company. Cool Cats’ vast Cooltopia NFT gaming ecosystem is rapidly maturing, and this partnership is the next stage in that evolution. In July 2021, the first Cool Cats NFTs were released on the Ethereum network.

    CAA’s Phil Quist commented, “The Cool Cats team has a bold vision to reimagine what NFTs can be.” “We see enormous potential for the characters and environment, and we’re delighted to collaborate to bring the virtual and physical worlds closer together through art, entertainment, gaming, and so much more.”

    The Cool Cats Take Flight

    Clon initially drew Blue Cat, a beloved cartoon character, when he was in high school, and the original Cool Cats NFTs were based on him. The original Cool Cats NFT project was born as the character was improved over time and Clon linked with co-founders Evan Luza (as elu), Tom Williamson, and Rob Mehew (aka Lynq).

    Cool Cats has gathered the equivalent of $250 million in sales since its inception less than a year ago, and is currently a Top 5 NFT collection worldwide in terms of both popularity and sales volume. The first generation consists of 9,999 Cats assembled at random from a pool of over 300,000 possible combinations. The body, helmet, face, and attire of each Cool Cat are all unique. Cool Cats are now held by over 5,300 different people. Reese Witherspoon, TIME, Puma, Steve Aoki, Mario Bautista, Marc Benioff, and Alexis Ohanian are among the artists and corporate brands that own Cool Cats.

    Cool Cats’ rapid popularity prompted the development of Cool Pets, a collection of companion NFTs. They’re one of the earliest gamified NFTs in the industry, with their formation influenced by the activities of its owner throughout their development stages. There are more than 178 million different combinations among the Cool Pets who reside in Cooltopia’s restricted number.

    Cool Cats Co-Founder Colin Egan remarked, “People have embraced our characters in such a way that we are encouraged to continue developing, growing, and extending the world of Cooltopia” (aka Clon). “We want to provide a variety of pleasant opportunities for community members to interact with our characters and one other. CAA will assist us in achieving this goal by enhancing our speed and reach.”

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