• Cardano 2021 Summit to Astound Crypto Fans

  • Fans are excited about the upcoming Cardano Summit, which will include announcements about virtual worlds, limited edition NFTs, and exciting new partnerships.

    A cutting-edge hybrid crypto event will take place across six continents.

    The Cardano Summit 2021, dubbed “The Biggest Blockchain Event Ever,” is set to dazzle crypto enthusiasts with a mix of virtual and real-world interaction, limited edition NFTs, and new partnerships. The Summit will take place on September 25-26, 2021, with real-world meetups in six cities around the world, including London, Miami, Berlin, Cape Town, Wyoming, and New York.

    Virtual delegates will be able to use cutting-edge technology that includes social, video, and interactive features. Virtual participants will be able to interact with one another thanks to avatars. The summit’s events will be divided into the worlds they belong to: Cardano World, Utility, Impact, Governance, Adoption, Catalyst, and Community. Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, will deliver the live opening keynote.

    A panel will be convened to discuss Cardano’s diverse applications.

    Experts, innovators, and special guests are expected to attend, including Misan Harriman, chair of the Southbank Centre, who will discuss the future of digital art and NFTs, and Dovydas Petkevicius of ADAX, who will elaborate on the importance of successful collaboration between the projects. Further panels will address sustainability, regulation, blockchain adoption, and how to provide critical financial and social services to the 1.7 billion adults who do not have access to them.

    A plethora of intriguing possibilities

    The virtual and live event mix will reflect on Cardano’s accomplishments and discuss updates implemented during the Alonzo hard fork. The Alonzo hard fork introduced smart contracts to the Cardano blockchain for the first time, which means that new blockchain features such as NFTs, DeFi, and crowdfunding have the potential to be hosted on the blockchain in an energy and cost-effective manner. Hydra’s Layer 2 blockchain scaling solution, which will allow developers to build and deploy decentralized apps, is expected to be announced (dApps).

    A “dApp store” is also planned, where dApps will be audited for integrity in order to allay concerns about unscrupulous parties who may use the dApp facility for malicious purposes. The Hydra solution is still a proof-of-concept that will be tested with a small number of users.

    Announcements will also be made about the decentralized protocols MinSwap and SundaeSwap. Cardano’s largest partnership to date has been to create digital IDs for students in Ethiopia, allowing them to have blockchain-verified qualifications that could help them study abroad or increase their employment prospects.

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