• Cardano is “very superior,” according to the AI pioneer behind the robot Sophia

  • SingularityNET CEO Ben Goertzel, best known for designing the AI software for the humanoid robot Sophia, lauded the Cardano blockchain on Twitter, calling it “fundamentally pretty superior.”

    SingularityNET stated in September that its AGIX token would become multi-chain by partially migrating to Cardano.

    During his conversation with IOG CEO Charles Hoskinson, Goertzel did not rule out the possibility that “everything” could be shifted to the largest proof-of-stake blockchain if it performed significantly better.

    Cardano’s ERC20 converter, which allows Ethereum assets to easily shift to the competitor chain, is slated to go live this week. During a recent event, IOG project manager Francisco Landino explained how the AGIX token may be moved to Cardano.

    Goertzel stated in a podcast that he began coding in Haskell in 1993. Hoskinson was just five years old at the time.

    Cardano’s smart contract programming language, Plutus, is built on Haskel. As a result, Goertzel was a logical fit for the blockchain.

    The main reason for the shift, which began in February, according to Goertzel, is Ethereum’s scaling concerns.

    After a hard fork in May, Cardano-compatible AGIX replaced the old AGI coin.

    Despite the fact that the broader market is in the midst of a small pullback, AGIX is up more than 5% today.

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