• Cardano-Powered DEX Joins Forces with China’s Leading Public Blockchain

  • Nervos, China’s leading public blockchain, has collaborated with SundaeSwap Labs, the development firm behind the Cardano-based decentralized exchange SundaeSwap.

    Because of the collaboration, the DEX will be able to use Nervos’ Force Bridge to provide more liquidity.

    The interoperability solution was first introduced in December to connect to Ethereum. Back in June, Cardano developer Input Output collaborated with Nervos to create a cross-chain bridge connecting the two ecosystems and allowing assets to move seamlessly between them.

    According to the announcement, the ADA bridge is set to open soon.

    SundaeSwap Labs CEO Mateen Motavaf says his company is “pleased” to be one of the first to use the Force Bridge solution: “SundaeSwap Labs is thrilled to enter into a strategic partnership with Nervos.” As a Cardano decentralized exchange, we are dedicated to providing solutions that strengthen the Cardano ecosystem as a whole, while also supporting its core mission of interoperability with other blockchains.

    SundaeSwap, one of the most visible DeFi projects on the Cardano blockchain, is set to launch in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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