• Cardano’s latest upgrade reduces block size by 10% to 88KB

  • Cardano has announced a new upgrade that increases block size by 10%, from 80KB to 88KB, to boost scalability.

    Cardano (ADA) has expanded its mainnet block size by 8KB in response to a recent spike in transaction volume and in anticipation of future growth.

    The upgrade was proposed last weekend, according to a Monday announcement by Cardano’s founding company, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK). It was implemented on Monday and boosted Cardano’s block size by 10% to 88KB, up from 80KB previously.

    Cardano Scalability Improvement

    According to IOHK, the Cardano scalability update is “the latest in a series of planned network upgrades” for 2022. It will not only increase network throughput but will also improve the speed of DApps built on top of the blockchain.

    IOHK has been monitoring the blockchain’s reaction to the update since Monday. This will be repeated for the next three days, and the results will be critical in identifying the optimal time to repeat the endeavor.

    It is worth noting that the upgrade moves Cardano up a scalability ranking. This is one of the trilemma variables of blockchain scalability, decentralization, and security. Events in the blockchain sector reveal that no single network has been able to fully achieve all three goals.

    The Blockchain Conundrum

    However, events demonstrate that efforts are being made in this direction, such as Cardano’s block size increase:

    “As the ecosystem grows, we’re focused on delivering the scaling phase of our roadmap; improving speed and network capacity while maintaining security and decentralization,” IOHK tweeted.

    Another example is the numerous modifications to Ethereum’s competitor network, such as EIP-1559 and the planned introduction of ETH 2.0.

    Cardano has witnessed an increase in transaction volume, according to IOHK. Messari, a cryptocurrency data business, reports a 216 percent increase in transaction volume over the last year.

    In addition, with the Alonzo upgrade in September 2021, the network gained smart contracts functionality. This many developers have built on Cardano, despite some setbacks. Both improvements demanded a scalability update.

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