• Cardano’s price is expected to reach $2.4 (an increase of 80%) by December 31

  • According to the most recent CoinMarketCap crypto community predictions, the price of Cardano (ADA) is expected to trade around $2.40 by the end of December.

    The ‘Price Estimates’ tool on cryptocurrency data statistics platform CoinMarketCap allows users to make price predictions for the next six months and see what other people think about them in real-time.

    Notably, the crypto community’s social Cardano price forecasts predict a median price of $2,402 on December 30, 2021, an increase of $1.08 (or 82.41 percent) from the current ADA price of $1,32. At the time of publication, 82,530 people had voted in order to determine the median price. Furthermore, the price is expected to rise into next year at $2.46, as predicted by 55,856 votes in January.

    Crypto trading analysts’ forecasts

    Surprisingly, alongside the crypto community, leading cryptocurrency analysts have predicted that Cardano will soon recover.

    According to prominent crypto trading analyst Michael van de Popple, there is significant upside potential for ADA, with a possible scenario in play if Cardano is able to break above prior support levels at $1.46 and $1.78.

    “We need to flip a few levels of importance here in order to become bullish.” We want to break through previous levels of support and re-enlist their help.”

    He continued, saying:

    “If you want to enter a specific asset, you must enter when no one is interested or when the majority of people dislike the asset.” That is how markets function. Cardano, I believe, is in that zone. So, yes, it is in an area in which you should be interested.”

    He outlined 1997 satoshis as the next level of support if current support is lost while viewing the BTC/USDT chart.

    The issue for the world’s largest proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain is that the falling price of Bitcoin (BTC) is having a negative impact on it and many other leading cryptocurrencies.

    Despite its falling value, the coin has officially surpassed the 20 million transaction mark. The Cardano network was not down for a single day as a result of this.

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