• Cardano’s Project Catalyst Ends Fund6 Voter Registration. What Is the Importance of This for the ADA Community?

  • Cardano’s largest community initiative to date is preparing to launch a referendum on its sixth generation of projects. Holders of ADA should select the most valuable and interesting projects in Cardano’s native dApps ecosystem.

    Voting for Project Catalyst is now closed.

    According to the official announcement shared by Cardano (ADA) developers Input Output Global, a community referendum to determine the winners of Project Catalyst Fund6 will begin in a matter of hours.

    All ADA supporters are welcome to join the Project Catalyst voting committee. Then, using their ADA stakes, they will vote to support their favorite Cardano-based projects.

    According to a Cardano community activist, voting in Project Catalyst is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for ADA holders with varying levels of blockchain expertise:

    Voting, in my opinion, is a powerful tool. When you have the opportunity to interact with the third largest market cap cryptocurrency and have a say based on the ADA in your wallet, it’s just super exciting and interactive.

    Cardano (ADA) supporters must have at least 500 ADA, or approximately $1,120 USD in equivalent by press time, to vote in the referendum.

    The first fund in the era of smart contracts

    Cardano’s Project Catalyst is an unrivaled decentralized incubator initiative for early-stage decentralized applications looking to leverage Cardano’s smart contacts.

    It has already onboarded and funded hundreds of dApps since its launch from Stealth in Q3, 2020. Its sixth iteration is unique in that it allows winners to interact with mainnet smart contracts on Cardano for the first time (ADA).

    On September 12, 2021, the Cardano (ADA) blockchain enabled smart contracts. After a spectacular rally, its native coin, ADA, surpassed Bitcoin to become the third-largest coin by net market capitalization.

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