• Cardano’s Smart Contract Launch Date Is Finally Announced

  • Tim Harrison, IOHK’s marketing and communications director has announced that Cardano plans to launch the Alonzo hard fork on the mainnet on September 12.

    The much-anticipated upgrade will enable users to run smart contracts on the world’s largest proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain.

    Cardano’s head of delivery, Nigel Hemsley, claims that the project’s engineering and testing teams are working “extremely hard” as the hard fork combinator event approaches.

    Meanwhile, a number of partners are hard at work on decentralized applications written in the Plutus programming language.

    According to Hemsley, Cardano will have approximately 500 community members working on the network by the end of the Purple phase.

    The Cardano Foundation team is in charge of collaborating with exchanges. Before the hard fork, the majority of the exchanges must be on board.

    By August 16, IOHK will have released its final mainnet candidate for the node Plutus Core.

    On September 1, the Cardano testnet will be hard forked, allowing the team to see how “the whole package” works in a production environment.

    According to Hemsley, this will be the final piece of the puzzle before the Alonzo hard fork is deployed on mainnet:

    As we approach this hard fork, we will deliver the Plutus capability, a full toolbox of smart contract capability, and then we will begin from there. It lays the groundwork for us to build on Cardano… Soon after, we’ll see an increase in the number of dApps and other innovations.

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