• Celer Network and Flow Form Alliance to Support NFT and Digital Asset Bridging

  • Flow recently joined forces with Celer Network, a multichain operating system (operating system.) The two have collaborated to provide NFT and digital asset bridging to more than 20 chains connected to Celer’s cBridge.

    The connection will enable the platforms to communicate with one another across many chains. With multichain becoming the standard in the blockchain sector, the integration will open up a plethora of cross-chain opportunities.

    Celer, a well-known multichain operating system, provides different states, liquidity, and application logics that are often distributed across numerous chains. These chains interact with one another, allowing DeFi app projects and developers to use integer-chain composability.

    Celer’s asset bridge, dubbed cBridge, enables rapid, easy, and secure off-chain transactions for payments and smart contracts. Celer also offers the SGN (State Guardian Network), a PoS (proof-of-stake) blockchain network built on tendermint. The network serves as a message relay between several blockchain networks.

    The first phase of the Flow and Celer collaboration will see the former use cBridge to connect projects issuing tokens. It will elevate Flow’s DeFi framework, allowing it to reach a wider audience throughout these chains.

    Furthermore, Celer is transporting high-value virtual assets such as USDT, DAI, WBTC, WETH, and others to infuse with Flow. Moreover, other Flow-based projects are collaborating with cBridge to enhance their value proposition and customer base through Metapier and Increment Finance.

    The former is a feature-rich AMM DEX (automatic market maker decentralized exchange) in this case, while the latter is a lending protocol that is establishing DeFi frameworks. Both ventures contribute significantly to the relationship, making it mutually profitable.

    Flow, on the other hand, will benefit more from the agreement after incorporating 24 premium chains supported by the Celer Network.

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