• Chinese businesses are rushing to register metaverse-related trademarks

  • Chinese companies are registering trademarks related to the metaverse in droves, with Baidu and NetEase being the most recent to do so.

    According to QiChacha, a website where you can search for information about Chinese companies, NetEase has applied for three metaverse trademarks: “NetEase metaverse,” “Leihuo metaverse,” and “Fuxi metaverse.” Baidu has applied to register the term “metapp” as a trademark. NetEase is China’s leading manufacturer of mobile phone games. Identity V and Knives Out are two of its most well-known works. Baidu is China’s largest search engine.Chinese firms have sparked an increase in the registration of metaverse-related trademarks. According to the Qi Chacha, over 3,700 metaverse-related trademarks have been registered, including those by Tencent, Bytedance, and Alibaba. Chinese technology firms are becoming involved in metaverses. In August, ByteDance paid approximately $1.39 billion for a leading virtual reality glasses manufacturer — such equipment is critical to the metaverse. Tencent got an early start in 2019, when it became the China distributor of the metaverse sandbox game Roblox.In a research report released in September, brokerage giant CITIC Securities predicted that metaverses would enter an exploration stage within the next three to five years, and that they could become a way of life within the next 20 years.However, Chinese authorities are wary of some emerging blockchain-related fields, such as the metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Last week, a think tank under the control of China’s National Security Agency published an article claiming that the metaverse may pose a threat to national security due to technological discrimination, cyber attacks, and the social changes that the metaverse can bring about. Furthermore, Chinese authorities have warned against NFT hype, and Chinese tech behemoths have vowed to oppose NFT speculation.

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