• Chris Brown Is Set to Release His First NFT Collection

  • Fans of Chris Brown should rejoice! The singer will release his first NFT collection. The streetwear NFT project is created in collaboration with John Dean, the creator of the Los Angeles-based apparel label Renowned.

    Chris Brown Is Planning To Release The Auracles NFT Collection

    Chris Brown has a lengthy history of wearing streetwear. He is also a Web3 supporter, as evidenced by an NFT he purchased on Instagram. This month, he will release “The Auracles,” his first-ever NFT collection. It is based on “The Auracle,” a black superhero with time travel and shape-shifting abilities.

    According to Dean, Web3 has the potential to solve “a lot of problems” that are still present in the real world. Artists, in particular, can profit from their work while “owning their narrative” through NFTs. Dean believes that he and Brown can create the next mega-hero in the Auracle.

    Brown and Dean collaborated on the collection with an all-black team of developers and 3D artists. They also enlisted the assistance of BlackNFTART, a group that ensures that newer technologies include Black art. Dean stated that this was critical in order to inform the larger community about the project.

    The Auracle will also be useful in real life. Some NFT holders, for example, will receive a physical object dependent on the NFT they own. The NFT collection is scheduled to be released on May 10, 2022.

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