• CME Group reports a 170 percent increase in average daily volume for Bitcoin futures in the third quarter

  • CME Group, the world’s most recognizable derivatives marketplace, announced its third-quarter and September 2021 market statistics on October 4.

    According to a press release, the average daily volume (ADV) for Bitcoin futures increased by 170 percent in the third quarter of 2021. Despite regulatory uncertainty surrounding the asset, the figures clearly show that interest in Bitcoin is resilient.

    Customers have effective exposure to the Bitcoin market through the CME Group, as well as the ability to save money on possible margin offsets between Bitcoin futures and options on Bitcoin futures. Furthermore, in transparent futures markets, clients can benefit from efficient price discovery.

    As a result, Bitcoin futures ADV increased to 24,236, representing a 170 percent increase in Q3, notably between August 20 and October 1; the highest futures volume was seen on September 7, with volume at 15,998 and open interest at 6,659.

    According to CME Group statistics, the lowest volume occurred on September 15, with volume at 3,617 and open interest at 6,721.

    Volume continues to outnumber open interest.

    Surprisingly, open interest in Bitcoin futures has consistently remained higher than volume between August 20 and October 1, with the exception of a single day on September 7 when Bitcoin futures volume peaked.

    In other news, since the launch of micro Bitcoin futures on May 3, more than 2.1 million total contracts have traded, with an ADV of 21,000 contracts.

    Furthermore, according to the most recent data, Micro E-mini futures and options accounted for 34% of the Equity Equity Index ADV, while Micro Bitcoin futures accounted for only 0.3 percent of the Equity Equity Index ADV.

    Exposure to Bitcoin

    It is worth noting that investing in Bitcoin futures and options through CME Group can broaden investors’ options for hedging against cryptocurrency risk. Traders can also benefit from the growing interest in cryptocurrencies and the demand for products that aid in the management of Bitcoin exposure.

    Finally, in addition to Bitcoin futures trading, CME Group provides customers with the ability to trade options, cash, and over-the-counter (OTC) markets, optimize portfolios, and analyze data, providing market participants around the world with the tools they need to effectively manage risk and seize opportunities.

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