• Coinchange is a Next-Generation Crypto and DeFi Investment Platform

  • While fiat remains dominant, the crypto space is accelerating and poised to dominate the future of finance. Prior to 2017, the mainstream media was skeptical of cryptocurrency and its essence. Almost every major news outlet now covers cryptocurrency and DeFi. It goes without saying that everyone should educate themselves on crypto investments and what they have to offer.

    The Next Big Thing in Finance: Decentralized Finance

    The DeFi ecosystem is thriving, making it one of the cryptosphere’s most popular buzzwords. According to the metrics site DeFi Pulse, approximately $1 billion will be locked up in DeFi protocols by June 2020. By January 2021, the total value of cryptocurrencies in smart contracts had risen to more than $20 billion.

    So, exactly what is DeFi? Simply put, Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, eliminates the need for middlemen in financial services and is built on blockchain. This means you can lend, borrow, exchange funds, and engage in other financial transactions without relying on a third party.

    However, because DeFi is new, the concepts can be difficult to grasp, even for experienced cryptocurrency investors. This creates a significant disconnect between user experience, investment opportunities, and profitability. To address this, Coinchange seeks to advocate for the average user by removing the complexities associated with DeFi and providing a usable trading and investing platform.

    Coin exchange bridges the gap.

    Coinchange, a high-yield consumer fintech company, combines simplicity and profitability to provide secure investment opportunities for both novice and experienced users. Coinchange began as a cryptocurrency brokerage platform before evolving into a yielding platform for stable coin investments. Through data insights, complex modeling, and smart execution, they provide risk-adjusted yield.

    Trading on the Exchange

    Anyone can easily buy and sell popular cryptocurrencies with no fees. Trading is available and updated in real-time, at the best price possible, with costs kept to a bare minimum, thanks to cutting-edge technology that connects the Coinchange platform to a plethora of other exchanges and DeFi platforms.

    To lower the barriers to DeFi even further, the Coinchange trade account allows users to easily deposit and withdraw fiat via debit cards or ACH, as well as send cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDC, or USDT to non-custodial wallets.

    Earnings from Coin Exchange

    The High Yield Account is Coinchange’s flagship product, which employs algorithmic strategies to forecast the performance of over 100+ DeFi protocols and then choose the option with the highest yield. In layman’s terms, Coinchange’s high yield account earns users up to 25% APY on their stable coin investments, which is already higher than what traditional finance offers to regular investors. According to their roadmap, ETH and BTC deposits will be accepted on their high yield platform, implying that users will be able to hold and generate passive income from appreciating currencies.

    What Makes Coinchange Special?

    Coinchange platform, which has spent years designing and developing a customer-oriented platform, integrates all necessary services within a single platform, including a consolidated wallet and dynamic charts, so users can trade and earn with ease. They also have key features that set them apart from other DeFi platforms, such as an easy-to-use platform for implementing advanced security processes to mitigate the risks associated with DeFi and keeping users’ funds safe. They have partnered with reputable third-party digital security platforms like Fireblock and Coincover to insure users’ deposits and ensure that users can withdraw their funds if the company loses access.

    Another reason Coinchange is unique is that it is a fully regulated business in Canada with an MSB license that is valid until 2023. With the SEC’s constant crackdown on similar projects, regulatory clarity is a grey area in the DeFi space. Coinchange, on the other hand, has a U.S. FinCen License, allowing them to operate in 33 U.S. states with more to come in the future.


    As 2021 continues to be a bullish year for cryptocurrency, decentralized finance will continue to push the boundaries of modern finance. Coinchange is one of the most efficient crypto-yielding platforms in the space for beginners and experts alike, thanks to its user-friendly features and strong emphasis on fund security.

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