• CoinEx Charity Partners up With HDF to Support Children’s Education

  • BANGKOK, Aug. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On August 13, 2022, CoinEx Charity visited children at Human Development Foundation (HDF)'s Merry Centre in Thailand and made cash donations, which will be mainly used to procure school uniforms, shoes, books, stationery, etc, allowing the kids to continue their education. On the day of the visit, the CoinEx Charity team sent dessert boxes to the 100 children at Mercy Centre, joined them in games, and spent a wonderful weekend with the kids. This also marks the first charitable partnership between CoinEx Charity and the HDF. In the future, the two will fully leverage their respective advantages and resources and mobilize support for charitable causes. Together, CoinEx Charity and HDF will engage in all-encompassing collaborations that focus on education equity and make joint efforts to empower children's education.

    HDF, a charitable organization in Thailand. Its programs include education for children living in slums, child protection, and community services. As a global charitable organization, CoinEx Charity has raised funds for 19 countries and regions to date and set up the Multi-Million-Dollar Charity Fund. CoinEx Charity has been honoring its corporate social responsibility since day one. Its collaboration with HDF marks a strong partnership between global charities. CoinEx Charity also hopes that the two could rally greater strength for charity and influence more individuals through charitable programs, thereby extending a helping hand to more children in need.

    As the first charitable program jointly hosted by the two organizations, the Mercy Children Program will continue to provide educational opportunities for kids at Mercy Centre and help break the cycle of poverty.Through cash donations, CoinEx Charity will join hands with HDF in improving their educational and living conditions until they can get their first job. Together, CoinEx Charity and HDF will bring children warmth and hope and contribute to the charitable cause of improving educational conditions for poor children.

    About CoinEx Charity

    CoinEx Charity, founded in 2022, has launched the Multi-Million-Dollar Charity Fund while pursuing its mission — Via Blockchain, Making the World a Better Place. Actively involved in charitable causes, CoinEx Charity focuses on disadvantaged groups worldwide and has hosted all kinds of charitable events, including poverty alleviation, emergency relief, charitable donations, and education-themed charitable fundraising, in many countries around the world.

    Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/CoinExCharity

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