• Compton Magic, an AAU basketball program known for developing collegiate and NBA players, has partnered with Swan Bitcoin to launch the first Bitcoin-Basketball program.

    Players of Compton Magic will be given bitcoin on a regular basis, and they will learn the value of sound money through world-class educational resources at Swan Bitcoin.

    Coaches will also be given bitcoin as part of a Bitcoin Benefits Package provided by Swan Bitcoin.

    According to a press release, Compton Magic, a premier Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball program known for its ability to develop star athletes in the NBA and collegiate circuit, has partnered with Swan Bitcoin to launch the first Bitcoin-Basketball program.

    “The sovereign athlete is the future of basketball, and Bitcoin is the future of money,” said Etop Udo-Ema, CEO of Compton Magic. “We’re bringing the two together to launch the first Bitcoin Basketball Program, a program that adheres to Bitcoin’s principles of time respect, long-term thinking, and sustainability.”

    Bitcoin will be given to the players via Swan’s gifting solution, which allows users to send gifts to another user’s email address, and once that user has created a Swan account, they will be able to accept the gift. The ease with which bitcoin can be given allows for easy onboarding for new users, and the players will be given access to world-class Bitcoin educational resources through Swan’s high-level educational resources.

    “I’m personally passionate about both Bitcoin and basketball, so I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with Etop and the Compton Magic,” said Cory Klippsten, founder and CEO of Swan. “Swan is committed to educating the world about the importance of sound money in securing their future.”

    Swan will also use their Bitcoin Benefits Plan, which will see coaching staff receive bitcoin as part of a benefits package for their employment. Swan will automatically deposit a set amount of bitcoin into the employee’s Swan account each month, pushing the boundaries of ease and accessibility in the bitcoin ecosystem.

    “The initial response to our new Bitcoin Benefit Plan has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Klippsten. “It’s a simple way for employers to share the future of money with their teams, in addition to Swan’s unrivaled service, world-class education, and vibrant community.”

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