• Construction of an NFT Gallery by JOOX and MusicY DAO

  • Tencent’s JOOX, a well-known music streaming service, recently shared on Twitter that MusicYDAO will help it create its own NFT gallery. The user experience will be improved by this initiative, which will show off an artist’s collection of NFTs and support NFTs in image, audio, and video forms.

    JOOX is a free music player software with more than 40 million audio songs available in different countries. Users can take use of live videos, karaoke chat rooms, and popular short videos to enjoy the social music of their choosing.

    Another well-known music site that links fans and musicians in the metaverse is called MusicY. On the platform, users may easily and quickly access digital music collectibles as well as buy, sell, and discover NFTs. It is the first fully functional audio NFT Market place to ever exist on Ethereum.

    In South Asian nations including Thailand, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Malaysia, JOOX can be downloaded and installed on any operating system (Android and iOS), desktop app, Android TV, and Google Nest.

    To begin using MusicY capabilities for audio NFT, users simply create a MusicY account. By uploading their work, they can also develop as artists and produce their own NFTs. Their artwork will be permanently kept in a secure manner on the blockchain network once it has been coined. The site offers two methods for selling NFTs, and users are free to utilize either one to list their NFTs for sale.

    The JOOX and MusicY DAO partnership has created a terrific platform for consumers to view NFT art and take advantage of the amazing Web 3.0 blockchain ecosystem approach.

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