• Cool Cats’ Artist Spotlight Project Features Their Favorite NFT Artists

  • Cool Cats has announced their first-ever artist spotlight project in an effort to highlight the most talented and emerging artists in the NFT space. Cool Cats will collaborate with some of the best artists for their Collabs Collections as a result of this.

    The NFT project’s Cool Cats Collabs is a collection of collaborations with other artists, projects, and brands. OpenSea currently has 16 items in the collection, including their recent collaboration with the iconic TIME magazine.

    Who are the featured artists in the Cool Cats Artist Spotlight?

    Cool Cats features five artists in their first spotlight: CFW, SuperNFTY, SKULLX, Yuwa23, and Pixelhans. According to Cool Cats, these artists work in a variety of mediums, including pixel art, motion graphics, and 3D design.

    Stacy, a designer NFT pill collection, was created by CFW. His works can be found on major NFT marketplaces such as Rarible, Hic et nunc, Foundation, and Makersplace.

    Meanwhile, SuperNFTY is the creator of Super Nfty Floating Heads. The collection includes 264 3D animated 1/1 NFTs that were hand modelled in VR.

    “Nothing gets me in a flow state like doodling on Procreate or sculpting a toy in VR,” the artist explained. “Basically, I just want to demonstrate to the world what I think is cool by making that cool thing.”

    SKULLX is the next name on the list. Next month, the artist will release SKULLX, a collection of 10,000 ERC-721 NFTs. Meanwhile, Yuwa23 is a motion designer and crypto artist who uses 3D animation to combine technology and art. Some of their fantastic works can be found on SuperRare.

    Finally, Pixelhans is the creator of the Cartlads and Team Naked pixel art NFT collections.

    “I came up with cartlads because I created and posted some animated pixel cartridges a few years ago and people seemed to like them so I turned them into an NFT project!” the artist explained.

    What is included in the collection?

    Cool Cats’ first artist spotlight includes a total of ten different pieces. Pixelhans has four NFTs, Yuwa23 and CFW have two each, and SKULLX and SuperNFTY have one each.

    On September 20, at 8:25 a.m. EST, Cool Cats took a snapshot of all Cool Cat holders – a total of 4557 unique wallets. Every wallet in the snapshot will receive one of the ten NFTs distributed by the project. If you own a Cool Cat, you’re in for a treat!

    Cool Cats, which debuted on July 1, is a collection of 9,999 programmatically generated cartoon cat avatars. Each Cat has a distinct appearance, including a distinct body, outfit, hat, and face. Members of the community also have access to exclusive events like NFT raffles, community giveaways, and more.

    According to NFT Stats, the collection has fetched $13.63 million in trading volume in the last seven days. They are currently priced at around $26,800 on average.

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