• Cool Cats has launched a $100,000 NFT giveaway in collaboration with Tron and ApeNFT

  • Cats Who Are Cool Tron is a cryptocurrency ecosystem comprised of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) issued on the Tron (TRX) blockchain. To increase the product’s visibility, its team organizes a variety of community events.

    The Cool Cats team has begun the largest NFT airdrop in crypto history.

    According to the official announcement made by the team of Tron-based digital collectibles project Cool Cats Tron, all crypto enthusiasts are welcome to participate in the project’s inaugural NFT distribution.

    This campaign, dubbed Big Giveaway Event, will distribute 764 NFT items as well as $10,000 in cash. According to its team’s estimates, the net amount of the giveaway’s prize pool exceeds $100,000.

    To be eligible for the giveaway, users must first register on the Cool Cats Tron project’s official website. The user will be given a list of tasks to complete after registering.

    Users earn “Meow” rating points by completing missions from the Cool Cats Tron team. Those who collect 100 or more “Meows” are automatically entered into the drawing.

    This unrivaled event is supported by dozens of top-tier NFT artists from around the world, as well as the Tron Foundation, the non-profit behind the Tron blockchain and ApeNFT, its digital collectibles product.

    Earnings from Tron’s minting of cat-themed NFTs

    In addition to the Big Giveaway Event, Cool Cats Tron fans can participate in other community events announced on the team’s Discord server. Cool Cats Tron, for example, offers 3x Camo Crocs Presale Spots and 3x SharkCat OG Spots in collaboration with Solana-based project Camo Crocs.

    Cool Cats Tron released 10,000 NFTs depicting cats as one of the first digital collectibles drops on Tron Blockchain in Q4 2021. TRC-721 tokens are used to create all “cats.”

    All cats are generated at random, with various facial expressions, outfits, and accessories.

    Users can create more cat-themed tokens. Every NFT enthusiast who has minted 31 or more Cool Cats Tron characters receives a 3 percent minting pool share. Large-scale artists who have minted 151 or more NFTs have access to a 7% rewards pool.

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