• Creaton Introduces a Decentralized Alternative for OnlyFans

  • While more companies launch blockchain-based alternatives to mainstream products, Creaton introduces its “decentralized Patreon.”

    The Creaton platform is attempting to replace Patreon and OnlyFans with decentralized alternatives.

    The Creaton protocol introduces Web3.0 practices to the content distribution sector. Its distributed architecture enables creators to reach subscribers and viewers without having to pay exorbitant fees to intermediaries.

    Creaton is a leader in the development of “decentralized and encrypted” membership products. Content creators can use Creaton to interact with their subscribers, manage communities, and earn passive income.

    Nobody can stop content creators from streaming on Creaton because the entire ecosystem is impenetrable.

    Additionally, because cryptocurrency tokens are used as payment methods on Patreon, it opens up new avenues of monetization for creators, producers, and contributors.

    A CREATE token generation event is planned.

    The product is set to launch in early November 2021. Early adopters are currently experimenting with the Creaton testnet version.

    The Creaton project intends to launch its native digital coin, CREATE, in order to build a decentralized and transparent monetization framework. Its TGE is scheduled for Q4 of 2021.

    As Creaton strives to build the most secure membership platform, it has partnered with top-tier blockchain security products, such as the Lit protocol and Nu Cypher.

    Creaton received $1.1 million from a group of high-profile venture capitalists in October 2021. BTSE Labs and Tykhe Block Ventures both contributed to the launch of Polygon Network’s first membership platform (MATIC).

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