• Creaton Raises $1.1 Million from Top VCs to Build Polygon-Based Decentralized Content Platform

  • Creaton is a seed-stage startup that uses the Polygon (MATIC) ecosystem to create innovative content solutions.

    Creaton has completed its strategic funding with a $1.1 million investment.

    Creaton, a decentralized content management and sharing platform on the red-hot smart contracts environment Polygon (MATIC), has successfully closed its strategic funding round, according to a press release shared with ULTCOIN365.

    A total of $1,100,000 was raised from a slew of high-profile venture capital funds. This round was supported by BTSE Labs, Tykhe Block Ventures, and a group of angel investors.

    Creaton’s founder, Alexander Klus, emphasizes the significance of this round for the advancement of decentralized content sharing tools and the entire Web3 infrastructure:

    Our mission is to free creators from the shackles of Web 2.0 that have been unfairly imposed on them in recent years. Web 2.0 platforms like Patreon have done a disservice to their core users due to payment issues, bans, and censorship. We intend to approach this issue in a logical manner, combining multiple advanced blockchain technologies to create a platform that, for the first time, works. We are ecstatic to be able to build this with our incredible group of investors.

    Tykhe Block Ventures founder Prashant Malik believes Creaton is on a mission to create an author-centric content management and sharing environment:

    We like Creaton because it uses decentralized blockchain technology to empower content creators like never before. We are excited to see the Creaton team focus their efforts on powering the next generation of the Creator Economy.

    Introducing new content practices to Polygon

    Creaton’s core focus is on rethinking the interaction between content creators and consumers on blockchain rails.

    Its goal is to create a seamless collaboration between creator and subscriber with no middlemen or extra fees.

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