• Crypto Blockchain Industries to IPO with a $45 million market cap

  • The emergence of Crypto Blockchain Industries attests to the global attractiveness of digital currencies.

    Crypto Blockchain Industries (CBI) of France is preparing to go public, with plans to list its shares on the Paris Euronext Growth stock exchange. According to the company’s filing with the Euronext Growth stock exchange, the firm seeks a direct listing following a private placement, with a total of 19,337,000 shares set to be offered for trading to begin.

    CBI shares will be traded for the first time on October 26 at a reference price of EUR 2.00. According to the latest update, the reference price will have an initial reservation threshold of plus or minus 20%. The decision to go public by Crypto Blockchain Industries follows a similar trend by its blockchain-related counterparts around the world.

    The emergence of firms on public bourses is now clearly indicating the growth of the digital currency ecosystem. This stock market listing, according to many, is a sign of industry maturity, as more investors seek new ways to bet on the rapidly growing cryptocurrency ecosystem. The ticker symbol ‘ALCBI’ has been assigned to Crypto Blockchain Industries.

    At the EUR2 listing price, the firm’s projected market capitalization is 38.7 million euros (approximately $45 million).

    Crypto Blockchain Industries: Demonstrating the Growing Popularity of Digital Currencies

    Crypto Blockchain Industries is a blockchain-based investment firm that exists solely to support innovation service provisions centered on cryptographic innovations. The company is currently investing in a variety of areas, including interactive entertainment and industrial services. These investments typically range from small pledges to multimillion-dollar single transactions.

    The emergence of Crypto Blockchain Industries attests to the global attractiveness of digital currencies. In the United States, corporate venture capital funding for blockchain and crypto outfits is rapidly increasing. CBI’s role in French and European markets demonstrates that similar growth is being charted in markets outside of North America.

    With Europe displaying seamless financial integration, more retail and institutional investors looking to back cryptocurrency startups now have more options. With the emergence of a number of Bitcoin and crypto-linked Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) from key European countries, as well as the public market debut of mining firms in the region, the arrival of CBI lends credence to the market’s rapid growth over the past year.

    CBI’s public market debut comes just a week after Bitcoin (BTC) set a new All-Time High (ATH) of $66,930.39, according to an earlier ULTCOIN365 report. Investor sentiment is high everywhere, and it will come as no surprise if CBI reaches its project market cap upon listing.

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