• Crypto Expo Dubai named Infinity8 the Best NFT Marketplace 2021

  • Only a few months after launching at the AmfAR gala in July, infinity8 was named the Best NFT Marketplace at Crypto Expo Dubai 2021. The gala this year was reportedly more intimate than previous years, with exclusive visitors reduced from 900 to 400 individuals due to COVID-19 regulations in place.

    Infinity8 has been named the Best NFT Marketplace 2021 by Crypto Expo Dubai.

    The auction began as the event’s spectacular conclusion, with several purchasers leaving to return to their suites. Sacha Jafri, along with billionaire philanthropist Javed Fiyaz, the Founder of infinity8.io, sold over 1,500 open editions of Sacha’s first NFT On The Wings of an Angel in less than 45 seconds for a total of 750,000 euros.

    Furthermore, it should be noted that the NFT sale, which was held in collaboration with infinity8.io, outperformed an Andy Warhol Mickey Mouse piece, which also fetched 375,000 euros, a Chopard 18-Karat white gold diamond, and a Michael Kagan Astronaut, which also fetched 400,000 euros.

    Infinity8.io has established itself as the first Philanthropic NFT Marketplace, bridging the gap between fine art and digital art by listing and creating NFTs in collaboration with some of the world’s greatest artists, as well as promoting emerging talents.

    Another Significant Announcement in the UAE 2021 Cryptocurrency Exhibit

    The launch of Happy Hippos by Infinity was the event’s main attraction, and as previously stated, they are a collection of programmatically, randomly AI-generated NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain.

    Furthermore, we should emphasize that the first generation is made up of 8888 Hippos chosen from a pool of over 1 million options.

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