• Crypto valuations that are insane? Binance is said to be worth $300 billion

  • Binance is without a doubt one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. This was confirmed in a recent Wall Street Journal report, in which insiders at the firm revealed that the CZ-led exchange could be valued at up to $300 billion, putting it on par with popular companies like Adobe, Disney, and Netflix if it were publicly traded.

    Binance facilitates more transactions than competitors.

    According to the WSJ report, the company’s estimated valuation is based on the fees generated by the exchange. To put this in context, available data show that the exchange processes more than $30 billion in daily spot trading and close to $80 billion in daily derivatives trades.

    To give you a better idea, the crypto exchange processed around $32 billion in transactions in the last 24 hours. Other exchanges in the top five combined were only able to process nearly half of their daily transaction volume.

    Company insiders think that if Binance were public, it could be worth up to $300 billion 🤯Binance processes more crypto trades ($76 billion worth) than its four largest competitors put togetherhttps://t.co/BnnE8NWbaa@cz_binance— Julian Klymochko (@JulianKlymochko) November 12, 2021

    According to Julian Klymochko, CEO of Accelerate FT, “company insiders believe Binance could be worth up to $300 billion if it went public.” Binance processes more cryptocurrency trades ($76 billion) than its four largest competitors combined.”

    Binance’s regulatory issues

    One of the major albatrosses for a company of this size is that regulators all over the world are watching how it conducts business.

    While the exchange currently employs approximately 3000 people worldwide, its lack of a physical headquarters has been a source of concern for financial regulators in countries such as Nigeria, China, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and South Africa, among others, who have advised their citizens not to use the exchange.

    Binance, on the other hand, has recently attempted to maintain better relationships with regulators through a number of initiatives, one of which was its recent registration in Northern Ireland.

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