• CryptoArt Collection by Inkers Is Making Waves Among Collectors

  • Collectors have been drawn to a unique CryptoArt project created by tattoo artists, one illustrator, a developer, and a scenography advisor. It’s called Inkers HK Family NFT, and it includes 100 originals based on the collaboration of dozens of layers drawn by the three artists around five portraits of female icons. This is accomplished through the use of a generative algorithm developed by the team to blend their artistic styles.

    When you buy an original or a copy, you get a physical copy signed by the artists, numbered, and engraved with the corresponding blockchain transaction address. Owners of originals or copies of these works are also entitled to royalties (in ETH) when additional copies are purchased. Owners of the original will receive 30% of the proceeds from the sale of a copy of the original.

    The original NFTs cost 0.1 ETH, and the price rises by 10% for every 5 originals sold after the presale period. Because the algorithm for generating originals guarantees that they will all be unique, the number of originals that can be generated is limited to 100.

    The first copy NFT of the original is 0.05 ETH, and each subsequent copy costs 50% more than the previous copy in order to limit the number of copies in circulation. The good news is that owners of the copies will profit from future sales as well. Copy owners are automatically entitled to a 30% commission, which is distributed equitably among all copy holders.

    Collectors who buy a copy or an original will get a physical print signed and numbered by the artists. This print is also engraved with the transaction number associated with the matching token and comes with an authenticity certificate.

    Dimitri HK, Nina HK, and Sid L-Boy are the artists behind the project. Dimitri HK has been a tattoo artist for over 30 years, as well as an illustrator, painter, and co-founder and president of the Inkers app. Nina HK is an illustrator and concept artist for video games, and Sid L-Boy has developed his own Creepy new-school style, adding his trashy-punky style to the project’s creative blend.

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