• Cyber Yachts Introduces the World’s Most Expensive NFT: A $400 Million Yacht

  • The first metaverse yacht firm is Cyber Yachts. They recently unveiled a $400 million mega yacht NFT. The NFT will be available for purchase in Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Bitcoin Latinum.

    If this sells at $400 million, it will be the most expensive NFT transaction ever. Furthermore, the buyer will receive a real-world, completely built super yacht based on the metaverse design.

    The yacht is 394 feet long and named “Indah,” as shown above. It contains a helicopter pad, a gym, a sauna, and a gaming area that can accommodate up to 24 guests.

    Cyber Yachts is the world’s first metaverse yacht company.

    This project, Cyber Yachts, is a cooperation with boat designer Lukasz Opalinski. Opalinski is a dedicated constructor who has received numerous accolades in the yacht design sector. “Form and function exist in simultaneous harmony,” he stated, drawing inspiration from the “Indah.”

    Quavo of the hip-hop trio Migos has joined forces with Cyber Yachts. The company’s current aim is on creating a completely distinct boat metaverse. Of course, metaverse projects have been popular this year, as various projects have taken the NFT sector by storm, the most notable being NFT Worlds.

    Cyber Yachts intends to provide both digital and physical experiences. Giving community members access to a physical club in Florida. With mainstream fund managers projecting that the metaverse would be worth $13 trillion by 2030, they want to position themselves accordingly.

    Finally, there is a recent trend toward the most valuable physical items being backed by NFTs.

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