• CyberKongz Have Completely Recreated Their 2D NFT Art On-Chain

  • CyberKongz has recreated its original 2D NFT art on-chain in partnership with crypto developer 0xInuarashi! They created the very first “NFT-Bound” token.

    On March 26, CyberKongz holders received a token dubbed “On Chain Kongz” in their wallets, according to 0xInuarashi. The tokens look just like their CyberKongz counterparts.

    He also stated that the “On Chain Kongz” are KongzBound. These tokens are essentially gasless and non-transferable by users. On any transfer of CyberKongz, the token will automatically go to the new owner’s wallet. As a result, it is “NFT-Bound.”

    The Development of Cyberkongz’s On-Chain Kongz

    It takes a lot of effort to create the “On Chain Kongz.” The long process of creating the on-chain NFT-bound token was outlined by OxInuarashi. The NFTs must be decrypted, the on-chain assets must be mapped out, and finally the “On Chain Kongz” that we see presently must be recreated and rendered.

    Considering how they were able to manufacture 5,000 on-chain NFT-bound coins, it’s all worth it. This is yet another milestone in the NFT field.

    Cyberkongz has been working on its NFT project for a year. They’ve now created one of the industry’s most popular and in-demand NFT collections.

    They recently expressed an interest in mixed martial arts. The flourishing NFT project promised to hold a variety of events, sponsor fighters, and supply local gyms with equipment.

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