• Dash adds the ability to send funds through SMS, eliminating the requirement for an internet connection

  • Dash (DASH/USD) has launched Dash Text, a new tool that allows users to send Dash via text message. There is no need for an internet connection or a smartphone. SMS allows you to send, receive, and check the available balance of your wallet.

    How to Make Use of Dash Text

    To utilize the Dash Text service, you must first create a wallet. You send a text message with the word “START” to the number associated with your geographic region. This information can be found on the webpage. The Dash Text system then sends you a welcome message and generates a Dash address.

    Obtain funds

    You can also get cryptocurrency in this manner. To do so, send an SMS with the word “RECEIVE” to your country code. The codes are, once again, available on the internet.

    Funds are sent safely and easily since the system responds with Dash data. You must provide the sender with your phone number or Dash Text wallet address in order to receive the payments.

    Send money

    To transmit crypto, you’ll need the target recipient’s address and phone number. They must also sign up for Dash Text. You send a text message that looks like this: SEND + AMOUNT + RECEIVER. The amount must be in USD or Dash, with the monetary unit specified following the amount, as well as the recipient’s phone number and address.

    Finally, to confirm the transaction, send “yes.”

    Purchasing goods

    You can also purchase groceries and other items this way. To do so, go to a merchant that currently accepts Dash as payment and ask for their BUY code. On the POS screen, the word BUY will appear in front of a 4-digit code.

    Send an SMS with the word BUY in front of the 4-digit code to the country code. Dash will receive a notification displaying the amount of Dash and its USD equivalent.

    Dash’s Background

    Dash is an open-source blockchain and cryptocurrency that aims to provide a rapid, low-cost global payments network that is decentralized. It aims to outperform Bitcoin (BTC/USD) by providing more privacy and speedier transactions.

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