• Dash is now available for direct purchase using a VISA credit card thanks to Liquid integration

  • Following the integration of Dash’s (DASH/USD) android mobile wallet app with Liquid’s Quick Exchange, the cryptocurrency is now available for direct sale within the dedicated crypto wallet using a VISA credit card. There are over 100 countries and 50 national currencies supported. Users purchasing cryptocurrency from Quick Exchange can view their price quotes by selecting a fiat currency or by requesting a price quote in their native currency.

    The Benefits of Liquid’s Quick Exchange

    The exchange charges lower fees than a DEX and allows for instant swaps and cross-chain protocols. Because Liquid has integrated a unique feature called InstantSend, all Dash with VISA Quick Exchange purchases in the app take less than two minutes.

    Stages of integration that are highly anticipated include: instant crypto swaps and simple Dash transfers.

    Quick Exchange’s Swaps feature will be released during the second integration phase. Then, it will be simple to exchange cryptocurrency via cross-chain transactions. Users will be able to transfer Dash between the dedicated wallet and their Liquid account in the final stage. This feature will be available in the fourth quarter of this year.

    Since Dash began integrating its FastPass strategy, the community has noticed a significant improvement in the trading ecosystem. Users can now access the power of the FastPass network through an interconnected network of partners. The Dash Investment Foundation has also been able to invest in Quadency, a FastPass partner and an automated trading solution, as a result of this. Users can trade Dash automatically and instantly thanks to the integration of Liquid and Quadency.

    “It has been a pleasure to collaborate with the Dash team on something truly beneficial to the community. Liquid Quick Exchange provides best-in-class exchange rates while also providing an industry-leading user experience. When combined with the high-quality Dash ecosystem and app, we have a formidable use case,” said Jered Masters, Liquid’s Head of Frontend and Quick Exchange Lead.

    “Because of Liquid’s global reach, users from all over the world will be able to participate in and benefit from this integration.” “Because Liquid is a Dash FastPass partner, Dash can be quickly purchased, deposited, and withdrawn to be used however and whenever the user sees fit – in other words, advancing our mission of financial freedom for all,” added Omar Hamwi, Business Development Manager at Dash Core Group.

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