• Decentralized Exchange of Multiple Protocols Bashoswap Is Preparing to Launch Its Cardano DEX

  • Bashoswap, a Cardano-based decentralized exchange that will be compatible on both the Cardano and Milkomeda networks, is scheduled to launch on the Cardano testnet in the coming months.

    A private seed round is now underway for anybody interested in acquiring $BASH Tokens early.

    What exactly is a DEX?

    A Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is a blockchain-based program that is accessible via a series of smart contracts and is aimed to decentralize financial activities that are normally carried out by a central body.

    Bashoswap seeks to highlight Cardano-based projects, which will have a far-reaching impact on the Cardano ecosystem.

    Bashoswap will collaborate with other existing blockchain projects, such as AMM, Unicrypt, PancakeSwap, Staking, and the LP Token locking mechanism on Uniswap, to revolutionize the DeFi industry and create DeFi apps powered by the $Bash token.

    Bash Token

    The utility token “$Bash” is used by Bashoswap. This coin can be used by the Bashoswap community for a variety of purposes, including staking, farming, and voting rights. Holders of tokens will be able to vote and be voted for. You may join the early birds and purchase Bash Token during the private seed sale by clicking here.

    How can I get a $Bash Token?

    For the time being, the only method to join in the project is through BashoSwap’s private sale, which can be found by clicking here.


    BashoSwap will only accept ADA as proof of its dedication to the Cardano ecosystem. The minimum amount to participate in the private sale, however, is 5000 ADA.

    To participate in the BashoSwap sale, you must have a Cardano wallet. Set up one of the following wallets: Yoroi, Daedalus, or Nami, which are one-stop solutions for all of your Cardano transaction needs.

    The basic methods for creating one and purchasing $Bash Tokens can be found in the website’s Docs section.

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