• DeGods NFT Sells For An Amazing Price $220k

  • DeGods has had a strong start to the fall season, selling its NFT #270 for more than $220,000. Because of its distinct aesthetic and functionality, the Solana project has been a roaring success among NFT collectors.

    Is Solana’s most expensive NFT sale DeGods #270?

    A unique DeGods NFT sold for 139,5127 ETH – or nearly $220,000 – less than 24 hours ago. The two-piece suit is probably one of the reasons behind its astounding price:

    • Mythic Helmet (only 0.23% of the collection’s other pieces have this feature);
    • Mythic War (0.48% of collectibles have it).

    Furthermore, the digital asset has Leopard Skin and a Red Background. Together, the characteristics form a perfect combination – so wonderful that someone opted to spend more than $220k for it.

    The unexpected transaction catapults the DeGods NFT collection to the top of the ecosystem. This is, in fact, one of the most valuable Solana collectibles ever sold. For good cause, the project has recently been compared to Doodles and even Azuki.

    What’s all the hype about DeGods?

    DeGods is essentially a 10,000 avatar NFT PFP (Profile Picture) collection. The Solana blockchain-based project will go live in October 2021. The collection’s unusual artwork and practicality immediately propelled it to fame.

    For example, each DeGods NFT holder receives 15 $DUST (the project’s native currency) per day. To clarify, these tokens can be used for raffles, whitelist access, auctions, and other interesting rewards.

    DeGods, as a community-centered project, is now looking to expand its ecosystem. y00ts, a new PFP collection of 15K digital avatars, is one of its most recent projects. The first sneak views of the project were well appreciated; even Gary Vee applied to be on the whitelist!

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