• Despite the missed prediction, ‘Plan B’ maintains the $100,000 Bitcoin target

  • Plan B appears unfazed by his missed November Bitcoin price prediction, insisting that the asset would end the year at $100k.

    If you’ve ever wished for the accuracy of crypto market movement predictions, the infamous pseudonymous Bitcoin analyst Plan B should come to mind, based on his recent predictions, three out of four of which were correct.

    Bitcoin price prediction by Plan B

    Using his stock-to-flow price model, Plan B predicted that the value of Bitcoin in August, September, October, November, and December would be in the range of $47k, $43k, $63k, $98k, and $135k, respectively.

    Surprisingly, his prediction for the first three months came true, as the digital asset’s value was significantly higher than his predicted price at the end of October.

    With many expecting the price of Bitcoin to rise in November, the volatile nature of the asset kicked in, resulting in a mass sell-off and a rapid drop back to $50k levels.

    This massive drop in value resulted in the asset’s value missing the first Plan B prediction for the last five months of the year.

    Plan B predicts that Bitcoin will end the year at $100,000.

    Despite missing his November prediction by a few days, Plan B has maintained that Bitcoin’s price is still on track to finish the year at $100k. He revealed this in a recent tweet in which he stated, “S2F model not affected and indeed on track towards $100K.”

    Plan B later tweeted about Bitcoin’s relative strength index (RSI), saying that “Bitcoin RSI 66 and 10% below monthly close ATH,” before adding that “Bitcoin has better risk-adjusted returns than all other assets.”

    Plan B is a well-known Bitcoin analyst who is well-liked in the crypto community. His pseudonymous Twitter account was created in October 2017 and has approximately 1.5 million followers.

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