• “Diamond Hands” in Bitcoin (BTC) Control the Largest Share of Sovereign BTC Supply in History

  • Bitcoin’s (BTC) “strongest hands” are aggressively consuming its non-exchange supply. According to on-chain data, their dominance sets a new historic high.

    Passionate holders control 81 percent of non-exchange Bitcoins (BTC).

    Long-term Bitcoin (BTC) holders have set a new record in terms of “sovereign supply,” according to data from leading on-chain analytics tool Glassnode.

    “Sovereign supply” is an on-chain metric introduced by Glassnode’s lead analyst, a crypto expert and podcaster known on Twitter as _Checkmatey_.

    It refers to the total supply of Bitcoins (BTC) held outside of centralized exchanges. Long-term holders control nearly 81 percent of BTC’s sovereign supply in Q4 2021.

    According to the graph, long-term Bitcoin (BTC) holders aggressively accumulated Bitcoins in Q2-Q3, 2021. (BTC). The rise in their share is perfectly correlated with the decline in Bitcoin holdings by short-term investors.

    Accumulation is in the works.

    As previously reported by ULTCOIN365, on-chain data analysts are witnessing a robust accumulation trend demonstrated by large-scale and long-term holders.

    The most recent round of accumulation began in mid-September. This wave may have prevented the Bitcoin (BTC) price from falling further.

    Furthermore, Bitcoin (BTC) price movement has shown strong evidence of a Wyckoff accumulation wave since mid-May.

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