• Dior, the world’s most famous fashion house, has entered the metaverse in China

  • Dior, the French fashion label, enters the metaverse with its first-ever show in China, dubbed On The Road. The display featured its Fall 2022 menswear line in collaboration with iWeekly’s parent company Meta Media Holdings.

    Dior Has Arrived in the Metaverse

    Viewers can enter virtual world housing the new clothing range via an interactive experience in the “Meta Ziwu.” Ma Yansong, a well-known Chinese architect and the founder of MAD Architects, founded the company. It’s hosted on XiRang, a Baidu metaverse social app.

    Baidu, the Chinese search engine behemoth, unveiled plans for its own blockchain protocol, Xuperchain, in 2018, which will go into beta in January 2020, allowing enterprises and developers to construct and deploy their own decentralized applications. However, with their latest venture with Dior, Baidu is now pushing toward the metaverse.

    Dior, unlike many others before them, comes equipped with Web3 skills to propel their platform ahead. In July of last year, for example, the label collaborated with the avatar app ZEPETO to create digital makeup looks.

    Later that month, it teamed up with the metaverse portal Ready Player Me to market its fragrance. However, as China develops its own alternative metaverse environment, there is little question that the forerunner will wish to stake its claim alongside the frontrunners.

    As the wild world of Web3 technology and metaverse experiences makes its way into China’s mainland, Dior hopes to jump ahead of the race and establish itself in the metaverse as soon as feasible. While other businesses consider similar marketing methods, Web3’s complete acceptance becomes a reality.

    Those wanting to build a name for themselves in the Web3 arena, on the other hand, are being watched closely by the government. As more people become interested in cryptocurrency, more restrictions are bound to emerge. Until then, the pioneers will continue to press forward.

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