• DOGE Tipping on Twitter Is Dogecoin Cofounder’s Next Goal Now That Users Can Tip in ETH

  • Billy Markus, the cofounder of the original meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin, has taken to Twitter to announce his plan to raise the topic of the Twitter team integrating DOGE tipping in addition to Bitcoin and Ether tipping every day until he achieves his aim.

    “What is crypto tipping if you don’t have the original tipping currency?” and a nod to Steven King

    The Dogecoin co-creator has tweeted that he plans to utilize the #DogeTwitterTipJar hashtag in at least one tweet every day to keep the Twitter team focused on his objective of expanding the use cases of the OG cryptocurrency.

    Markus noted that Twitter’s CEO (who took over when Jack Dorsey quit in late November last year) is on paternity leave, so he’ll just “keep nagging Twitter” since he thinks the “OG cryptocurrency,” DOGE, to be used for leaving a tip on Twitter.

    Markus also highlighted Andy Dufresne, the main character in the popular Stephen King novel “The Shawshank Redemption,” referring to his short monologue in the film about hope that may be held inside no matter what, where no one can access to it.

    +1 cool point for anyone who got my reference btw pic.twitter.com/MKxU7igNcc— Shibetoshi Nakamoto (@BillyM2k) February 16, 2022

    Several commenters in the thread backed Markus, offering to follow his lead and tweet about tipping in Doge on Twitter.

    Tipping in ETH is now available on Twitter.

    On February 16, the social media juggernaut Twitter announced a function that lets users of its mobile app to reward their favorite content creators with Ethereum, the second most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap.

    When Jack Dorsey was still the CEO of Twitter, he implemented Bitcoin tipping in September. He was a fervent Ethereum opponent and a notable Bitcoin proponent, therefore tipping in ETH was enabled after he departed his job as Twitter’s CEO.

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