• DogeCola Introduces DogeBull, a New Crypto Token with a Distinctive Buyback Mechanism

  • DogeBull, DogeCola’s sister token, has reached its 500 BNB target just minutes after its launch.

    DogeCola, the most innovative combination of crypto and food, has recently launched its Sister Token “DogeBull,” which has received a lot of love from people all over the world. Shortly after its launch, the token received an equally positive response from the community, and it quickly reached the hard cap of 500 BNB. The token also made a record number of appearances on major exchanges such as CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, TrustWallet, and even the BiG One exchange. It accomplished all of this after experiencing an 800% increase in just three days after its launch, which is an unprecedented feat in the crypto space.

    DogeCola is following in the footsteps of its forefathers by introducing DogeBull, which, as the name implies, is another combination of a soft drink and cryptocurrency. The best thing about this token is that it is fully integrated into the DogeCola ecosystem. However, DogeBull represents a completely new concept in the primary ecosystem. DogeBull holders will be able to earn daily reflections in DogeCola and benefit from the price increase of both cryptocurrencies.

    To ensure continuous positive price movements, the DogeBull team has created a one-of-a-kind smart contract that will perform daily buybacks of DogeCola and re-distribute it among DogeBull holders. Holders will receive reflections and benefit from the price increases of the base token, as the price is set to rise at predetermined intervals.

    Many other crypto tokens provide reflection, but most only work in one direction and lack the stability needed to guarantee long-term returns. They even organize buybacks just to burn their tokens in order to regulate and pump their price, but this technique is quickly proving to be ineffective. DogeBull, on the other hand, uses its unique smart contract to perform regular buybacks in order to distribute it among its community members, who will then hold it and eventually raise its price.


    The token operates on a simple yet efficient tokenomics model, which ensures price stability and provides reasonable rewards to holders. DogeBull holders will receive 7% of all buy and sell orders, which will be re-distributed to them in DogeCola tokens. Only holders with a balance of more than 200,000 will be eligible for this reward. Holders who have more than the required number of tokens will receive automatic rewards in their wallets, eliminating the need to wait or claim these rewards through any portal.

    Aside from that, 7% of their transaction costs will be allocated to DogeBull marketing. “This will allow us to fuel our most ambitious projects in service to further reward our community while feeding the entire DogeCola Ecosystem,” the team says.

    Finally, 1% of each transaction will be used to provide liquidity for PancakeSwap. This will ensure a higher price floor and increase the project’s overall stability.

    Fees for Buying and Selling

    Each buy transaction will incur a total fee of 15%, which will be used to support their growth and marketing efforts, according to their team. Similarly, each sell transaction will be subject to a 15% fee in order to ensure an anti-whale mechanism and prevent significant dumps. It also manages trading bots that try to exit high and enter low in order to perform instant buybacks while preventing long-term holders from panicking.

    This is a novel idea that has never been seen before; it raises the price of DogeBull while also providing the necessary trading volume for DogeCola to positively affect its price. The token recently completed its initial offering, to which the crypto community responded very positively. According to its creators, the token will soon be available on all major cryptocurrency exchanges.

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