• DOGE’s founder criticizes SHIB’s community for online ‘harassment.’

  • Memecoins add entertainment value to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, but for some, they are a serious way to make quick returns on investments. Dogecoin is the frontrunner among this group, and it is currently the ninth largest cryptocurrency. Shiba Inu is proving to be a worthy competitor to DOGE, currently ranking tenth. Despite their meme status, both of these tokens have performed admirably since their inception. Having said that, both the tokens and their respective communities have been fighting for supremacy over one another.

    Dogecoin founder Billy Markus shed light on a series of tweets in an interesting turn of events. It included a phone screen capture of a comment thread, as well as hundreds of links to scam-filled “Shiba” projects that had nothing to do with the real SHIB currency.

    Despite the fact that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has not commented (yet), one of Twitter’s product leads has responded to the thread. “I’m looking into this. “Please accept my apologies, and thank you for flagging,” he said. Others in the same thread reported similar harassment.

    Regardless, only time will tell whether Twitter takes action against these individuals. This, however, was not the case. As expected, SHIB community members were quick to harass the DOGE chief in question. Markus later emphasized this in a series of tweets.

    He went on to say:

    “I dislike Shib because the community goes out of their way to harass and insult me.” That does not bode well for you or your community. “This isn’t rocket science.”

    Surprisingly, “Shibetoshi Nakamoto” included DOGE community members under this umbrella as well. “Every time a Dogecoin community member is a jackass, I like the community a little less,” he concluded. I’m no longer responsible for the coin. “All I care about is that the community can be mildly acceptable in this ridiculous space.”

    Nonetheless, the rivalry between Dogecoin and Shiba Inu continues. This was the case even in the past. As previously reported, the aforementioned creator slammed SHIB on Twitter. He stated that while hype fades, projects require long-term value to survive – following SHIB’s massive 27 percent correction.

    Regardless of the fights or speculations, both tokens have seen widespread adoption both within and outside of the crypto community.

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