• Dragon Pool – New Light has the potential to revolutionize the NFT Game industry!

  • Decoding the “fever” of the NFT game, the phrase “Play – to – earn” is no longer strange and is always sought after by gamers, but traditional game methods require a lot of effort for very little profit. Today, there is no need to have “super” playing techniques or put in many hours of stress because Dragon Pool – a new “wave” of NFT Game – is an option not to be missed if you are passionate about making money while playing games.

    Trends in the Game Fi Industry and NFT

    GameFi is a Polygon-based blockchain game hub and launchpad platform. GameFi aspires to be a comprehensive game finance hub that serves game studios, players, traders, and investors all in one location. GameFi will bring promising blockchain game initiatives developed on the BSC and Polygon networks, which host the majority of the top-rated play-for-money titles, to the gaming community. Simultaneously, GameFi is the first marketplace to support cross-game trading of in-game items and NFTs.

    The term “NFT” is no longer unfamiliar to crypto investors, and it has recently gained popularity due to its close association with “Play-to-earn” games. NFT will most likely become a new investment trend and be able to be applied in various industries around the world in the future because its features are very interesting and distinct from others. NFT applications, like crypto-currencies, bring a variety of values, such as uniqueness and identity.

    Dragon Pool Game – A Shining Star in the NFT Game Industry

    Overview of the Game

    Dragon Pool, which is hosted on Binance’s fast and trusted smart chain (Binance Smart Chain, also known as BSC), is a platform that features tokenized Digital creatures in a virtual universe. This takes advantage of BEP-721’s unique feature of non-fungibility. Considered a significant advancement in NFT technology, defining a new skill-based NFT asset class.

    Despite being launched later, we are confident that Dragon Pool will create a new wave in the field of Blockchain Gaming due to its competitive advantage in terms of low risk and low initial investment. At the same time, it demonstrates that the player can establish his worth through skill, ingenuity, and sound strategy, resulting in profit for the player. Furthermore, the development team is constantly working to improve the game’s balance as much as possible.

    Dragon Pool is a new implementation based on the same formula that includes several new and highly desirable features. Most notably, it employs the BEP20 protocol provided by BSC to create its own Token known as DP-NFT.

    Dragon Pool aspires to be the first ecosystem to combine the excitement of gaming with the value of digital collectibles, transforming it into the digital creature’s universe. Dragon Pool will use next-generation NFT-based gameplay and integrate it with a blockchain-based decentralized financial system, making the game more than just a pastime but also an investment.


    – BSC-based infrastructure should be able to handle high transaction volumes while maintaining fast processing speeds and low transaction costs.

    – Using blockchain technology to help prevent censorship and issuer interference;

    – Easy-to-learn gameplay, attractive and vivid graphics;

    – For as little as $6, you can enter the game room to hunt for food and earn several thousand dollars if you have a good strategy and protect your Dragon from death.

    – A diverse mission system with many appealing rewards and a high value;

    – Players will be able to obtain DP-NFT Tokens very soon thanks to airdrop and presale programs.

    The main DP-NFT coin used in the game, in particular, will be created in collaboration with Dex Pancakeswap, cointiger, and coinmarketca.

    Feature of the Game

    – Value provides the following benefits to players:

    + When the NFT value does not have a specific, sentiment-based measure to determine the value, it is completely different from the market trend. All efforts, rarity, and supply and demand are subject to manipulation by issuers;

    + Modern NFT value is based on intrinsic attributes to measure player’s skills, thinking, and tactics, which is the value players create and deserve to receive;

    + Dragon Pool is a full-fledged game ecosystem that brings together players and developers to form a strong exchange, connection, and exchange community.

    + Becoming a stable and long-term job during the covid epidemic’s complicated development;

    + A method for increasing income that is not limited by age or industry.

    – Evaluate the player’s worth correctly:

    + The marriage of a new, decentralized, trust-agnostic, and immutable economic paradigm and one of human history’s most popular pastimes (gaming) is surprisingly natural.

    + Players devote time to playing. They hone their skills through perseverance and patience. Until recently, their efforts were measured in terms of their score, ranking, and/or character evolution. Which brings us to Dragon, a game that allows players to save their individual gaming achievements in their NFT.

    + Furthermore, Dragon Pool makes certain achievements extremely difficult to achieve, allowing exceptional players to make their NFTs extremely rare and thus extremely valuable.

    What Dragon Pool is certain to see strong growth in the coming period, with the development team’s wallet lock for 24 months certified by team.finance and techrate.org confirming the value will increase many times when listing on exchange.

    Dragon Pool promises to create an impressive highlight to propel the NFT Game industry forward.

    Unlike other blockchain games with extensive features, the game’s goal is to be fun with simple mechanics. Dragon Pool is aimed at the general public and all crypto enthusiasts, regardless of age or profession. Dragon Pool specializes in games that are more entertaining and relaxing than others that require more brainpower to solve puzzles. Not only that, but it also allows gamers to hone their ingenuity while perfecting skills to protect their Dragons.

    Dragon Pool believes that in today’s hectic and stressful world, everyone should be rewarded with assets for taking a break and relaxing.

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