• Due to a massive new rate hike, Paul Tudor Jones is betting on Bitcoin over stocks and bonds

  • While the Federal Reserve of the United States is debating hiking interest rates by half a percentage point, the largest increase in 20 years, billionaire Paul Tudor Jones has remarked that while owning stocks and bonds may be a bad idea, he still believes in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

    He stated in an interview that he still owns Bitcoin and remains positive about it.

    “Preservation of capital is the only possible thing now”

    Paul Tudor Jones has mentioned the inflation that afflicted the United States throughout the 1970s. It first reached 5.5 percent, then rapidly grew to 14.4 percent, only to fall somewhat in 1980.

    Jones claims that there were no assets that could provide positive returns at the time, including gold.

    Stocks and bonds, according to the investor, are the last things to hold these days, and the only thing to do and strive for is to preserve one’s wealth, losing as little as possible during rising inflation. It has already risen to 7% this year.

    He emphasized that we are most likely entering another uncommon era in which it will be difficult to make money on the market.

    We’re in one of those very difficult periods where simply capital preservation is the most important thing we can strive for. I don’t know if it’s going to be one of those periods where you’re actually trying to make money.

    “It’s hard to not want to be long on crypto”

    When asked if he is still long on cryptocurrency, Jones stated that he is “modestly invested” and believes that the ongoing rate hikes would ensure a good future for his crypto investment.

    He also stated that “it is difficult not to want to be long on crypto,” probably referring to Bitcoin, because intellectual capital is pouring into this field.

    Paul Tudor Jones is betting on Bitcoin vs gold.

    In October 2021, Jones stated that Bitcoin was a superior inflation hedge than gold, the conventional asset used for this purpose.

    According to him, Bitcoin was winning the race against gold at the time because the economy was transitioning to a digital one.

    In October of last year, gold was down 7% year to date, while Bitcoin was up 121 percent over the same period, trading at $65,992. BTC touched an all-time high of $67,600 in November, just a few months later.

    Paul Tudor Jones claimed in November 2020 that he has converted 2% of his net fortune to Bitcoin.

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